Travel: Review of the OGIO Bus Travel Bag

The Ogio Bus Travel Bag is the ideal bag for the sportsman traveling short or long distances by bus. The sturdy, well constructed bag is made from a combination of 422 dobby nylon, 600D polyester and debossed suede and is made to be sturdy and long lasting. The Ogio Bus Travel Bag is the perfect bag for team sports and athletes traveling by bus due to the construction, organizational management, and size of the bag.

Very close to being oversize for checked bags with the commercial airlines, the Ogio Bus Travel Bag measures 36″ x 16″ x 14″ making it 1″ oversize with a weight of approximately 15 pounds and 3ounces. Though some airlines accept a bag the size of the Ogio Bus Travel Bag, it is better to provide the dimensions ahead of time to avoid any check-in hassles.

One of the top perks of this particular bag is the incredible storage solutions and detachable compartment though features of the Ogio Bus Travel Bag are many. The top features of the Ogio Bus Travel Bag include; a magnetic detachable carry-on compartment with a convenient shoulder strap, easy to access U-shape opening to the main compartment which is very spacious, interior mesh dividers, several neoprene grab handles for easy handling and lifting, external compression straps, a SLED system for maximum handling and durability, an easy to use pull handle, and oversize wheels made of urethane for maximum stability when maneuvering over rough terrain (

Overall the Ogio Bus Travel Bag is an ideal bag for sports teams, individuals traveling cross country by bus, or individuals planning to travel whose packing requirements require a lot of space for extended stays. This is also an excellent bag for a college student. The structure of the Ogio Bus Travel Bag offers a strong and sturdy bag, which can be wheeled, pulled or lifted. The appearance of the bag has more of a sports influence with the colors options including choices such as; brown plaid, Bruno plaid, icon army. The organizational management and storage solutions of the Ogio Bus Travel Bag are excellent. The traveler is offered several options for packing and accessing items in an effortless manner. As far as the price of the Ogio Bus Travel Bag, the sturdy bag was found online for approximately $299.99 including the warranty (

Ogio luggage products and sports bags are available from most luggage stores and sporting goods stores online and locally. For more information on the Ogio Bus Travel Bag visit the official web site for the retailer referenced.